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Vinyl Labels - How to Apply

Step One - Make sure the surface you are applying the label is completely clean and dry. Wipe surfaces with warm water or rubbing alcohol only. Do not use any chemicals, oils or acetones as they will leave a residue behind which will prevent the label from sticking.

Step Two - Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the label.

Step Three - Prepare the labels by firmly rubbing a credit card or similar across the transfer tape (the tape on the front) on the label you are about to use. This will ensure the label sticks to the clear transfer tape, making it easier to peel off the white backing paper.

Step Four - Remove the backing paper from the label.  Be very careful and slow when you do this to make sure you do not tear the label in the process. If at any time the label does not want to come off the backing paper, slowly replace the backing paper and repeat Step Three.   For more stubborn labels, try lifting the edge of the label with your fingernail.

Step Five - Once the backing paper is removed, slowly lower the design onto the desired surface from the centre of the letters first and work your way out. Rub firmly with your credit card over the entire label to affix and remove any air bubbles. For best results, it is suggested you wait 24hrs before peeling the transfer tape off.

Step Six - Start peeling away the transfer tape slowly and gently at an angle starting from the top corner and pulling down. If the letters of your label start to lift with your transfer tape, lay it back down and press down on the area again with your credit card until label is affixed on the surface.


Be patient - Please be patient and take your time when applying your labels.  Labels are not always easy to work with, especially in really hot or really cold conditions.

Look after your labels - they are only waterproof 24hours AFTER application.  You should only ever hand wash your labels.  Never soak your labels or put them in the dishwasher.

Do not wait - For best results, do not wait longer than 1 week to apply the labels to your canisters.  Time affects the adhesiveness. 

Do not over handle - The oil released from your fingers will make it difficult for the label to stick to your chosen surface.

Your labels are not reusable – they are removable but not reusable so spend some time making sure you know which label you want to put on which canister you have purchased.